Coffee @ Finals!

Coffee @ Finals is being offered again this semester! The ERC, in collaboration with CAS Student Government, is providing students with coffee and snacks, a quiet study location, as well as group study locations for students before finals begin.

Coffee @ Finals will take place from 4pm to Midnight on Tuesday, December 13 and Wednesday, December 14 in CAS 319. The best part is that tutors will be available for the first 2 hours each day to help answer any lingering questions you may have, or help clarify a tough course topic that’s still not quite crystal clear.

Tutors will be available in the following subjects, however please know that the schedule changes for each day so not all courses will be available each day:

  • AC 221/222
  • BI 106
  • BI 203
  • EC 101/102
  • EC 201
  • LF 111/112
  • LF 211/212
  • LS 111/112
  • LS 211/212
  • MA 113/115/116
  • MA 121/122
  • MA 123/124
  • MA 213/214
  • MA 225/226
  • PY 105/106
  • PY 211/212
  • SM 121
  • SM 221/222

So stop by to get some guided help, have some coffee, form a study group, or enjoy another quiet space to study on campus. We hope to see you there!

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