ESL Workshops: Some Things Old Something New

Our new series continues this week.  We have a lot of programs at the ERC and while our website does a good job of explaining them we thought you might be interested in hearing from some of the student leaders who make these programs possible.  Here the peer tutors/leaders from the ERC describe their programs, who they are for, and what a typical meeting is like.

For week three we have one of our ESL Workshop Leaders, Samantha Jones. She’ll talk about some of the changes happening this semester as well as what has stayed the same.  Just in time for the first Workshop of the semester which is happening today, February 3rd, at 4pm in GSU315. Register for sessions here.

Last semester’s ESL Workshop Series welcomed the addition of the workshops “Sources from the Library and On-Line” and “Intro to Academic Writing in English.” This semester we are pleased to announce the continuation of these workshops as well as the addition of a workshop called “Citation Styles” where we will focus on the many different ways that sources can be cited.  If you’ve ever wondered what APA, CMS or MLA stand for, or what the difference is, or how to cite in engineering or biology, then this workshop is for you! We will of course be continuing our tried and true workshops including “Sentence Structure,” “Verb Tenses,” “Prepositions and Articles,” and many more.

The ESL Workshop Series will run on Fridays (beginning February 3rd) and Tuesdays (beginning February 14th) from 4pm to 5:30pm.  For more information on locations, dates, and workshop descriptions, check out our ESL Workshop Series page!

Samantha Jones, CFA
ESL Workshop Leader


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