Major Dilemma

Paige Parrack — CCD/ERC Student Ambassador

Majors are like a box of chocolates: you have to sample them to figure out which one is your favorite. I really took this to heart freshman year and tried out everything from an introduction to architecture to macroeconomics, from Italian to psychology before finally applying to Sargent College’s Human Physiology program in September. I didn’t know for a while if this was the right choice for me. I wanted to explore Boston University’s multitude of majors and worried that if I declared too soon, I would miss out on other amazing opportunities.

I found out last week that I was accepted into the Human Physiology program and I think it will be the perfect fit for me. I wanted a major that prepared me for medical school and provided a close community of students and faculty. One day, I’d like to attend medical school and be accepted into a joint MD/PhD program.

Boston University offers a lot of options for students. And, as I learned from my experience, the best way to explore these possibilities is to keep an open mind and keep on sampling.



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