Ready, Set, Expo!

Zach Costello – CCD/ERC Student Ambassador

Before you attend a Career Expo, make sure your resume is up to date and error-free. You should bring multiple copies of your resume in case you’re interested in more than one employer.

Dress appropriately – a two-piece matching suit in a dark conservative color, like navy or black, will do just fine. You want to follow a business formal dress code. Even if you don’t have a suit, you should try to dress as professionally as possible.

In addition to preparing all the necessary documents and dressing properly, you should also practice how you might approach potential employers. Personally, I find it helpful to practice my elevator pitch out loud. Check out this video about creating your elevator pitch on the CCD website. It is important to appear confident and reserved when talking with an employer. After you speak with an employer about their organization and potential employment, let them know that you plan to follow up with them within a certain amount of time. Following up is a great way to show your continued interest in joining the organization.

Career expos are full of opportunities that may eventually lead you to an interview or even an internship. Just remember: bring all necessary documents, dress to impress, and stay confident!



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