Finding the Right Fit

Dvisha Patel – CCD/ERC Student Ambassador

Like many other students, I was undeclared when I first arrived at Boston University. I had a few ideas of what I might pursue, like business and international relations, but no concrete plans. As a College of General Studies student for my first two years at BU, I was able to complete my general requirements while taking an elective of my choice each semester. Each elective I took was an introductory course to topics such as microeconomics and macroeconomics. I figured the best way to find my major was to try new things. Unfortunately, taking introductory courses didn’t help as much as I thought it would.

I turned to an academic advisor and, after expressing my slight interest in business, I registered to take SMG SM299, Management as a System (a course that all transfer students into School of Management from both outside and within BU are required to complete). Taking this course was the best decision I’ve made so far at BU as it led to my decision to continue on to SMG. When I first arrived at BU, I felt lost amidst the multitude of majors, but now I have found my place in the world of business and management and have never felt happier.


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