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Showin’ Some Love for Cats and Dogs in the Second City

This week, more than 400 BU students are performing community service across the country on more than 30 Alternative Spring Break trips. Together with their chaperones, mostly BU staff members, these folks are road tripping, building homes, caring for the elderly and generally offering comfort where comfort is needed. Our own Patrick Devanney, the ERC’s […]

If You’re Reading This on Spring Break Week; You’re Probably Not in Aruba

Not everyone can jet set around to the slopes or a tropical oasis on Spring Break week; someone has to hang back and prep for St. Patrick’s day parties, put more hours into that spring internship or just enjoy alone time in that suddenly very quiet off-campus apartment. If you’re in this category and just […]

Feed Your Brain

The ERC is hosting its final workshop of the semester tomorrow with a nutritionist from Sargent Choice Nutrition Center. Lisa Ferreira will talk about the importance of starting the day with foods that can help boost brain performance, such as whole grains and proteins. Learn about portion sizes and identify red flags on nutrition labels […]

Got Sleep? BU Today Reminds Us Why We need our Zzzz’s

If you’re a multi-tasker by day and a maven of cramming at night, you’ll want to check out BU Today’s brief but telling video on the importance of sleep. And did you know that college students are among the majority of Americans who complain of sleep deprivation? In fact, college students have “twice as many […]

Spring has Sprung (Ignore the Snow) ERC Programs are Back and You Can Sign Up Now

If you got away to warmer climates over winter break and were hoping for some snow, we’re glad Boston didn’t disappoint you (even if it was short lived). Spring always gets off to a chilly start, but we at the ERC have planned a bunch of academic support programs including Academic Skills Workshops and Language […]


In case you haven’t looked at a calendar yet or are just plain in denial, we wanted to offer a few last-minute tips for finals. Dean Elmore and Cecilia Lalama of the ERC swapped a few tips on what NOT to do when you finally get around to studying. Watch this video on YouTube Chrissy […]

Exams? Don’t Panic! Try this Relaxation Technique

If you’re the type to start gnawing on fingernails when stress hits or walk around with permanently hunched shoulders, chances are you need to learn to relax. Since it’s far more easily said than done, we thought we’d offer you a quick, easy exercise you can do almost everywhere (though a private, quiet spot may […]

Happy First Day of School!

Hello BU! We just wanted to wish everyone a happy first day of school. To the class of 2015: a few seniors got together to offer some words of advice for the entering class. You can read it here on BU Today. Don’t forget to check out the ERC when you get settled: We’re not […]

Office Hours Organization

Office Hours Prep Sheet Professors’ and teaching assistants’ office hours can be some of the most useful meetings in your college career. Going into them, however, can be a little bit intimidating. To help prepare yourself for the one on one meeting, come in with questions and exact issue areas for what you need help […]

Stress Today, Gone Tomorrow

Now that Commencement is over, we’re happy to officially wish you a happy beginning to summer! As a student, I’ve found that the second summer hits- I am in a state of bliss. The hours of cramming, the dozens of GSU Starbucks coffees and CampCo Redbulls and the all-nighters spent in Mugar seem to fade […]