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New EWB-BU Website!

By ewbexec


5… 4… 3… 2… 1… We’re Live!

Check out our new website for the EWB-BU Student Chapter! It’s got the most recent information on our events and projects, such as our work with CGHD (Center for Global Health and Development) and the Zambia Center for Applied Health Research and Development (ZCAHRD) in addition to details about our upcoming Marshmallow Challenge for E-Week!

New Website Picture

On our new website, you can get updates from our Facebook page, this blog, among many other things. We’ve also set up a donation link! Looking to get involved with EWB-BU? Look into our Contact Information and shoot us an e-mail! We’ll be looking to add to the site a lot more in the future, so be sure to give us your feedback! Our brand new website, courtesy of our Webmaster Alan Pacheco, can be used in the future, with our Facebook page and our blog, to get information about our group. Be sure to stop by!

Link to our NEW website:



E-Week 2012

By ewbexec

marshmellow2This year, the Boston University chapter of EWB has teamed up with ENG GOV 2015 to bring you the Marshmellow Challenge! The objective is the make the tallest tower using just spaghetti noodles, tape, and a marshmellow. E-week is a tradition that was brought about in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers to highlight the important contributions engineers make to society. This year's E-Week, which runs from Tuesday, February 21st to Friday, March 2nd, features a host of excitingevents such as the Egg Drop Contest, the K'Nex Roller Coaster Design Contest, a Wii Tournament, and the Marshmellow Challenge!


We'll also be accepting orders for our new EWB T-shirts! Come by and place an order and drop by for some engineering fun!

The Marshmellow Challenge is on Thursday, February 23rd at 5 pm - 6:30 pm in CAS B14. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

Additional details about the events can be found at:



Project Mailbox

By ewbexec

Project Mailbox We've been approved by Project Mailbox for a February fundraiser! As a "charity for other charities", Project Mailbox is a new organization that was founded on Boston University's campus. Each month it helps raise both awareness and funds for different non-profits. Luckily for us, we're partnering with them for this month! If you're wandering down Comm Ave, you'll notice a red and white mailbox standing by Warren Towers that's right outside of University Grill at 712 Commonwealth Avenue. You can drop in change, cash, or checks to support our work in Zambia! So if you find yourself jangling with spareProject mailbox-mailbox coinage in your pockets, swing by the mailbox and drop it in! Every bit helps, and we are so excited to see the small acts of generosity total up as we roll into March. You can also donate online directly to our chapter here (just make sure you select "Boston University Chapter" under the "Allocate your funds" section!)

So, before you toss your change onto your dresser where it'll be lost in the chaos of your room, think about swinging by 712 Comm Ave to help out the Naluja community in Zambia.