The Hummingbird House and EWB-BU: Working together in Peru

By Charles Jahnke

Hi, my name is Luis Chávez and I am a graduate student of Spanish Literature in the Department of Romance Studies at Boston University.  I am also the founder of The-Chirimoto-Amazon project: The Hummingbird House, a civil organization that is working with EWB-BU students in Peru.  For more information about this joint effort, please go to: Link.

I will be posting additional information in the coming weeks about my birthplace, Chirimoto, Peru, the community which is the focal point of the collaborative development work that we are doing.

In January, 2008, a group of EWB members from BU made a trip to Chirimoto to assess the town’s condition and its peoples’ needs. The assessment trip resulted in EWB-BU’s current Water Filtration Project.

The Hummingbird House LogoEWB-BU doing solar tests with children in Chirimoto