Disposal of cooking oil…

By Paolo Belfiore

Do you know where to dispose of frying cooking oil after making a delicious omelette?

Well, although not many people fry in their house anymore, whenever we do we throw the burnt oil down the sink drain or the toilet in some cases. This is one of the worst mistakes that we can prevent. Why do we do it? Simply because no one out there has ever told us how to do it adequately.

So here’s a simple solution: one should wait for the cooking oil to cool down and dispose of it in plastic or glass bottles and place them in garbage cans. A liter of oil, aka 34 fluid ounces, is enough to cause about one million liters of water (26,000 gallons) to become non-potable (unsafe for drinking), which is a sufficient amount for a person to use over a 14-year period.

If you can dispose of your oil at a recycling center, even better! It could be turned into bio-diesel or fuel. Care for the environment if you want it to care for you.

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