The end of the sabbatical

Yesterday was my last regular day at Tufts.  An amazing year at the Center for Engineering and Education Outreach.  This past week we ran an InterLACE training workshop.  We trained 12 teachers in the use of the software I have helped to develop this past year.  It was great to see the response to the software and I look forward to using it on a regular basis this coming year at BUA!  And of course, the week finished with a game of Ultimate.

This has been an eye-opening year.  Rafi asked what I will take away from the CEEO.  So Many thanks to the wonderful people at the CEEO for broadening my horizons and exposing me to LEGOS, Labview, Image Analysis, Music Engineering, Tetrix, Touch Tables, Educational Research, Social Network Analysis, collaboration, software development, and Ultimate Frisbee. I will miss the CEEO, in particular the Phun attitude that everyone has towards work.  Of course, when you are surrounded by LEGOS, how can you not have Phun!

Looking back at my sabbatical, besides the work at the CEEO I would say the work with AAPT and NASA were the highlights of my year away.  But I am excited to come back.  Leonardo helped me clean my classroom today.  We threw out a LOT of old junk that got damaged in the flood of 2012.