If the students really want to impress me….more than dressing up like Pirates!

For some reason, BUA has a new A Capella club.  Here is something that just came out on YouTube worth watching.  A physics  A capella song about gravity.  If they can sing this, I would be very impressed.  Very impressed.

For those of you who think you can win house points by singing badly…don’t try.  Singing well on the other hand…

I have been talking to my seniors about their thesis presentations.  I am trying to get them away from using Power Point, which is far to linear, and steer them towards Prezi, which allow the presentation to develop parallel strands. However, it was brought to my attention that one could use Dance Instead.  This would also impress me if my students could explain physics concepts using dance.

In the news:

Interesting article in BU Today about how the iPhone 5 is based on a patent from BU Professor Ted Moustakas. It has to do with the Blue LED and Laser Diode research here in the Photonics Center.