Northeast AAPT meeting, David Maiullo, and who you should vote for

This weekend I went to Marist College for the first Northeast Regional American Association of Physics Teachers meeting in over 10 years.   There were members from the New England, New Jersey, and New York Section!

Our keynote speaker was David Maiullo who runs the demo room at Rutgers University, which means he gets paid to play with toys all day long!

He has been the resident physics expert on shows such as Dark Matters, Humanly Impossible, and World’s Strangest Weather.  Here is an excerpt from Humanly Impossible.  You might not want to watch this.



For those of you who are physics teachers and AAPT members, please vote for Sam Sampiere for AAPT Vice-president.  Sam currently runs the New York section and he gave an AMAZING demo show last year at the Regional NSTA meeting in Hartford.

And if you are a senior at Boston University Academy, you should vote for Daniel Gorelick for student council. (Thanks for the pizza).

A long drive back from the meeting. The view driving along the Salt Point Turnpike was amazing particularly driving through the Hamlet of Salt Point.

I loved looking at the train bridge crossing the Hudson in Poughkeepsie.  No trains while I was there.