Thursday and Friday at U-Design

Thursday was a busy day finishing our rockets.  Everyone finished their Estes rockets and most people started their bottle rockets.

Thursday afternoon Glynn Holt talked to us about his experiences at NASA and what it was like to go through the astronaut training program as a Mission Specialist and the details of his experiment which did get to fly on the Space Shuttle.

We finished the week building and launching our rockets.  We launched the Estes rockets early Friday morning, and only lost two of them into the Marshes this year.

Glynn Holt and his students showed us a lot of cool acoustics experiments Friday morning.  After that, we went across the hallway to  explore the laboratory of the BU Rocketry Team. Many thanks to Ben Ha for giving us a tour of the lab.

David gave a nice talk on navigation and how to read a flight map Friday afternoon.  We did an activity where using the flight maps we did a flight plan using way points.

After the navigation exercise we went to launch our bottle rockets.  We didn’t have too many complete bottle rockets, but those we had went quite high.  We used a rocket launcher from Edmund Scientifics.  This is a nice backyard launcher, which goes up to 60 psi.  If you want to hard core bottle rocket launcher, you need a Big Foot  which will take you up to 100 psi.