About me

I love images. I love everything about them. I love their color, texture, motion, edges, objects and even their noise. My research interests is image and video manipulation. My work shows that visual data can be better processed and manipulated through local spatio-temporal analysis. We show applications in various problems including motion magnification, non-photorealistic rendering, 2D-3D conversion, object detection, restoration, video search, transparency handling and others. My work is published in top tier venues including CVPR, SIGGRAPH and ACM MM. It is also featured in various media outlets including MIT News and BBC News.

I received my BAI and PhD from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2008 and 2011. I was luckily supervised by Prof. Anil Kokaram and Prof. Francois Pitie. I’ve also worked closely and co-authored papers with Prof. Bill Freeman, Prof. Fredo Durand and Prof. Wojciech Matusik from MIT CSAIL. I’m currently with Qatar Computing Research Institute working on immersive visual data processing.