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Blogs of blogs…

By Gene Laisne

So, remember last time, when I talked about a blog of a blog. Well here is a good one you might be interested in. It’s a blog of Microsoft blogs. More of a weekly wrap up of many of the Microsoft blogs. Certainly worth going over once a week to see if there are things that can help you in your projects!

BlogMS – Official Microsoft Team Blogs

This next Microsoft blog is also a wrap-up on a montly scale but for Technet specific things grouped by different areas (Platforms, Internet, System Center, Unfiled, SQL & Security).

Technical RollUp




Searching Exchange mailbox

By Gene Laisne


Found this great blog post from Microsoft about searching Exchange mailboxes and how to make it easier. It goes over the many different ways you can seach and how to make your searches better using commands. The root blog is moreĀ of a blog of blogs (Making this post a blog of a blog of a blog--Helpful right?). I HIGLY recomend reading #3 ""Zoo Closed, Cobra Missing": Did they try Outlook Instant Search?" which includes a link here to Outlook search commands.