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Windows Server 2008 SP1 and Windows Vista SP1 now UNSUPPORTED
How to add comment for a GPO with PowerShell
Microsoft Shares Video Tour of its Cloud Datacenters


SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Now Available On Microsoft Update
Updates: Process Explorer v15.01 and TCPView v3.05


Use PowerShell to Troubleshoot Software Installation
Parse Windows Trace Logs by Using PowerShell
Use Date Types to Filter Event Trace Logs in PowerShell
PowerShell Deep Dive @ The Experts Conference Europe 2011
Use ScriptCop to Help Write Better PowerShell Scripts  
Create and Parse Performance Monitor Logs with PowerShell 
Use Performance Counter Sets and PowerShell to Ease Baselining  
Capture Performance Counter Data and Write to SQL Server  
Import Counters from a Perfmon Chart into PowerShell  
Use PowerShell to Monitor Your SQL Server Performance  
Create a Simple Graphical Interface for a PowerShell Script  
Secrets to Building a WPF Application in Windows PowerShell


With only 1000 days left of extended support, don’t you think it’s time to retire Windows XP?

 Office Applications  

Connect your notes to SkyDrive with the updated Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone, available today  

Office Powerpoint  
More new, free SmartArt graphics: Hexagon Radial and Picture Frame
 Add artistic effects to your slide presentation (video)
The right SmartArt graphics for the job

Office Resource Kit  
Important information for Access 2010 64-bit customers regarding Office 2010 SP1 

Office Sustained Engineering  
Office Binary File Format Validation Tool Available 


** Build your own book of TechNet articles  


Defense in Depth: Locking Down Mash-Ups with HTML5 Sandbox
Container Pretty Printer – Advanced STL, Part 6
How we used HTML5 to make SkyDrive fast for millions of people
GoingNative: a New Channel 9 Show Dedicated to Native Development
Developing Windows Applications in C++ (Articles Series)


App-V Application Virtualzation  Website | RSS Feed
Clients encounter error code xxxxxx0A-200001CD when streaming RTSPS in Microsoft App-V 
Now available for download: Hotfix Package 3 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Service Pack 1: July 2011  

Future events such as these will occur in… the FUTRE

Buy now or wait for a sale? Let the computer decide.

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