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By Gene Laisne

New KB articles released for January and February  

Some PowerShell videos that are very helpful
Fromatting in PowerShell
PowerShell Profiles
Beyond basic scripting

Preparing your site for IE9

Save 40% on Books from Microsoft Press Now through April 6, 2011

Office Applications  

Office Excel and Excel Services  
America’s debt: Get the facts!  – 17-Mar-2011
Try it for free: Count values that meet a condition with the COUNTIF function  

Office Outlook videos and articles help you master Outlook 2010  – 18-Mar-2011

Office Powerpoint  
How to use STAMP: The Subtitling Text Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010  
Transform your class presentation with video and images: A 5-minute makeover (video)  

Office Sustained Engineering  
Blocking ActiveX Controls from Loading in Microsoft Office  

Office Word  
New 2011 calendar templates for Word 2010  

Updates: Process Explorer v14.1, VMMap v3.03, ProcDump v3.03, and Zero Day is now Available! 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys
Scripting Wife Uses PowerShell to Get Days Until NCAA Final Four 
Use PowerShell to Detect if a Workstation Is in Use 
Use PowerShell to Document Exchange Server Prior to Upgrade 
Use PowerShell to Determine Fragmentation of Your Drive 
Change Drive Letters and Labels via a Simple PowerShell Command 

Interesting new downloads
Getting started with Outlook 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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