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February 27

UConn Winter 2012 Meet Results

By BU Gymnastics Club


University of Connecticut hosted it’s annual Winter 2012 meet on Saturday, February 11th.  The BU Gymnastics team had five girls competing in the meet against eight other teams from the east coast areas.  Congratulations to Lauren and Annie for their first competition of the season, and a special thanks to Tatiana and Sneha for coming out and supporting the team.  Great job, Lady Terriers!


Jasmyn: 6.0

Annie: 6.2

Alyssa: 8.65


Hannah: 5.5

Alyssa: 8.7


Hannah: 7.2

Alyssa: 8.5


Lauren: 5.2

Jasmyn: 5.6

Alyssa: 8.2

Hannah: 8.8