Audience in the Hot Seat!

A new play that opened at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre at Arts Emerson puts the responsibility for a satisfying theatrical experience into the audience’s hands. “How Much is Enough” is a show that provides an interactive experience with the audience by using their answers to various questions posed throughout the show as fodder. While there is a outline of a script the show is largely improvised around the dialogue that occurs between actors and audience. It is in the hands of the audience, therefore, what type of show they want to see that night, one that is dry and unconnected or a show where the content is engaged, thoughtful and honest. While the show has received mixed reviews it marks the potential of a shift back to when audiences were very involved in the productions they were seeing, back when the audiences cheers or boo’s would fuel the show. “How Much is Enough” is putting the audience back in the hot seat by not allowing them to sit in the A/C and drowse and instead forcing them to engage and be an active part of the theatre making and their own experience.

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