The Lone Storyteller Lives

In New York City, one of the commercial, material and political centers of the world, one would hardly expect there to be strong voices standing against corporations especially one that many would say has revolutionized the ways we communicate with each other . Mike Daisy, travels around the world performing extemporaneous monologues about controversial, current issues around the world, and he is now performing at the Public Theatre. “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” is Daisy’s newest one-man-show and in it he both describes his adventures at an Apple  factory in China and profiles Steve Jobs, Apple’s recently retired CEO. An Apple product owner himself, Daisy chose to create monologues for his most recent show around Apple after he started researching their supply chain and specifically a factory in Shenzhen, China. The conditions he found in the factory, while posing as a wealthy business man, appalled him and set him on the path to bring that experience to as many people as he could. One has to applaud Daisy’s daring in bringing this performance to New York City, the city with the most Apple stores in America.  In a time when so many people are dependent on Apple products, many of us owning two or three at a time, there is no question that Mike Daisy’s choice of performance material is daring, his voice passionate and his message valid. Are Americans, and world-wide Apple users ready to stand up and listen, ready to act? This remains to be seen…

NY Times Interview with Mike Daisy

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