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Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! What an intriguing story they make!

I always browse yahoo news when checking my e-mail, especially if something catches my eye. It’s not the best source of news, I know, but if there’s a huge earthquake or tornado somewhere I usually know about it. Sometimes I’m disgusted by what I see (reporting on fashion trends over revolutions for example), sometimes terrified […]

Lady Hamlet, Playwrighting, and gender roles.

Last week I saw Boston University’s production of Lady Hamlet by Sarah Schulman, directed by Ilana Brownstein. The play is a farcical examination of gender roles via the lives of two actresses who both want to play the role of Hamlet on Broadway. One Actress, Margot Stayden Burns, believes that Hamlet is a woman, merely […]

Prison Theatre: Directly changing lives through art!

Over the summer I went on a road trip of the northwest, starting in California and ending up in Seattle. As I would do on any road trip, I brought music and new stumpers for the ever popular “20 questions” game. However, my friend that I was with came much better prepared. He brought over […]

Revitalizing Theatre through new forms

Lately I have been thinking a lot about form. How can the form of a play help to tell its story? How is changing form vital to keeping theatre relevant? This is something that I’ve been contemplating recently as a playwright and something that I think is also relevant to dramaturgy, as the dramaturge must […]

Creativity in Dramaturgy: re-imagining Measure for Measure

In class we have been discussing how dramaturgy is, indeed, a very creative job.  Contrary to the image of library monkey that we sometimes have of dramaturges, they provide an absolutely essential service to the play, playwright, director, and audience.  They contextualize the play and help to make it relevant to the current moment.  They […]