10/2 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We hope your week has been going well. Midterms are slowly creeping up on us (if they’re not already here)! We hope studying isn’t too stressful. Hang in there!


Upcoming Events:


BU Asian Film Week 2012 (October 22-26)

– “Young Asia: Conversation between Generations”

– Wednesday, Oct. 24 is dedicated to Korean music and film.

– Come out to BU Central between 12:30 – 2:00pm for live music and free food!


BU KSA’s Oktoberfest: Oct. 13

– Join us for our Fall themed event

– We will play lots of games and paint pumpkins

– BU KSA’s Oktoberfest Facebook Event– Make sure you RSVP!

Halloween Party

– KSA’s Annual Halloween Party is just around the corner

– Do you know what you’re being for Halloween yet?


Culture Show : Feb 16

– We will be updating you on the theme and acts for the show

– Stay tuned to sign up for all the different acts

Spotlight: Eugene Kim COM ’15


How are you and your little getting along?

“Pretty well, we’re from the same area back home so it’s pretty easy to connect with him. For our big/little meal, we went to Super 88 and his mind was blown, not gonna lie…”


What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like to work out… and I like to play guitar.”


Everyone loved you at the KSA Culture Show last year during the Modern Singing act, are you planning on participating again?



If you haven’t seen Eugene perform or sing yet, check out his youtube channel here.


Stay warm and happy studying! Hope to see you guys at Oktoberfest.


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