Culture Show 2012 Videos

We sincerely apologize, but unfortunately because some of our video files got corrupted somehow we won’t be able to upload videos from every single performance (including the skits). We tried our best to upload what we could so we hope you enjoy the videos below.


If you have any footage of the culture show that we are missing, we would gladly take your submissions and upload them to the official buKSA Youtube page. Please email us at:


Last year’s culture show’s theme was: Wedding Clashers. The culture show told the pre-wedding story of Kelly (a Korean-American girl) and Andrew (a traditional Korean guy) as they explored each other’s cultures through singing, dancing, etc. In between skits, performances were interwoven into the stories to tell the story in a different, interesting way. The finale, the fashion show, was a wedding ceremony of all of the guests.


To see the program click here:


Here was our promo video in case you missed it:


Here is the intro to the culture show including the singing of the anthem and the “art act” as well as two skit clips.


Here is the Modern Fan Dance performance:


Here is the Samulnori performance:


Here is the Nanta performance:


Here is the Modern Dance performance: 


Here is the Fashion Show, which was the finale of the Culture Show:


Sign ups for the February 2013 Culture Show will be coming soon, be on the lookout 🙂 More videos will be uploaded, check back to this blog post in a week or so!


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