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Culture Show Spring 2013 Sign Ups

Missed the Culture Show meeting yesterday? It’s okay, check out the PowerPoint from the meeting! Here’s the link:       Think you know what you want to do? Sign up here:    

Mr. KSA Contestants


MR. KSA Tickets On Sale Now

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Upcoming Events (November)

Pepero Day Send your big/little, RA, friends, girlfriend / boyfriend a Pepero Gram! BU KSA will be taking online orders for Pepero Grams for $3. Check out our facebook event for more information Culture Show Our annual Culture Show is coming up! Sign ups and an informational meeting for participation in acts will be held […]

October 2012 Recap

Another month has passed! This semester is going by so quickly but we hope you are enjoying every moment of it. A lot has happened over this month and we would like to just take a moment and recap it all. Thank you so much for your continued support of BU KSA and we hope […]

BU KSA Newsletter 11/13/1

DHOUN This week’s challenge: FREE CHOICE Examples: baking, movie night, shopping, clay room, exploring boston, cooking, eating, etc. Be creative! Culture Show Sign ups for Culture Show will be held after Thanksgiving Break Watch last year’s culture show videos here. Mr. KSA What: A contest over who will be 2012’s Mr. KSA When: 12/2 from 7 […]

From Mind To Mic

Get out there and visit other colleges, BU Students! BC is hosting a great event and it’s an awesome opportunity to venture out of the BU bubble and see what other schools are like and what types of things they are doing. Check out this event, you won’t regret it. Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 […]

Pepero Grams for Pepero Day

Facebook Cover Photo   Wanna show your friends how much you love them? Haven’t had the guts to tell that cutie how much you adore him/her? Wanna thank your big but don’t know how to? Pepero Day is the perfect opportunity for you to finally do all of these things and more!   buKSA is […]