2013-2014 E-Board Recruitment

Did you get a “mystery prizeeeeee” at SPLASH?

Did you make new friends at the first general meeting?

Did you speed date with potential bigs/littles?

Did you wait in line for an hour to use the bathroom at the Halloween party?

Did you vote for your favorite at Mr. KSA?

Did you have a great time at our annual culture show?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be qualified to be a part of next year’s awesome eboard!

❖Applications due on Sunday 3/31 at 11:55pm!
-ABSOLUTELY NO late applications will be accepted.

Vice President
Social Chair
Public Relations Chair
Media Chair
Rep Director
Senior Rep
Junior Rep
Sophomore Rep (2)

-Please view position descriptions in the next blog post.
-If you are running for the Co-President or Vice President positions, please indicate a alternative position in the case you are not chosen.

❖Email to bostonu.ksa@gmail.com
-Subject line: “E-Board Application: (position you’re running for)”

❖Application questions:
Position Applying for (include an alternative if running for Co-Pres/VP):
1. Describe yourself.
2. How have you been involved with KSA?
3. Why do you want to be this specific position?
4. What do you think KSA can improve on and how? Give specifics.
5. What can you bring to the table?
6. Anything else you’d like to mention?


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