BU KSA would like to present our last event of the year, POJANGMACHA NIGHT! 

♦ Come out this Sunday to be a part of this year’s last event by enjoying good food with good company! There will be all sorts of food this year…
김밥 (Sushi Rolls)
파전 & 김치파전 (Korean Pancakes & Kimchi Pancakes)
만두 (Dumpling)
닭강정 (Sweet & Sour Chicken)
떡볶이 (Spicy Rice Cakes)

♦ ONLY $2 for an amazing, authentic, and filling Korean meal!
*******Also, if you have been meaning to grab a KSA shirt, this is your last chance! Just pay $5 and you’ll get a shirt AND a meal!

♦ There will be an end of the year slideshow and an introduction of the next year’s E-Board so come out and support your fellow KSAers!

♦ SOOOO…don’t miss out on this final event where we’ll all be together as KSA for the last time this year!


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