10/7 Newsletter

Hello everyone! We hope that you’ve had a great and wonderful weekend. Here’s a rundown of upcoming events.

  • A series of competitions where Dhoun families compete for the title of “Best Family” and an awesome prize
  • October 26th, official time TBD
  • Location: Amory Playground
Halloween Party!
  • Our unforgettable¬†Halloween Party is coming up soon! Get excited.
  • Keep thinking about the your costumes! Keep it classy, kids!
  • Bigs, your littles must be missing home a lot. Give them some Korean lovin’ and make them a home cooked meal!
  • If you don’t trust your cooking (or are too lazy to do so), take them to KAJU TOFU HOUSE. It’s an award-winning soondooboo restaurant in Allston.
  • Showcase your lovin’! Tag us on Instagram at @bostonuksa or with #dhoun!
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That’s it for this week folks. Stay tuned!


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