Please check out the event page for more info:

Pepero Day 11/11/13

We are once again going to be selling and delivering Pepero Day Grams. Please check the event page for more details:

Newsletter 10/21

Hello members of KSA! We wanted to give you an update on the upcoming events that will be happening soon.

  • Takes place on Friday, Nov. 1st!
  • The time will be announced through the FB event.
  • The location will be released on the day of the party. It will definitely be close to campus.
  • Treats will be sold at 1$ each.
  • The Battle of the Families has been rescheduled to Nov. 9th.
  • It will be a fun-filled, action-packed series of games that you seriously don't want to miss out on.
  • Location: TBA


  • The must-see event of the year! Occuring Nov. 10th
  • KSA's hottest men showcase their wardrobes and talents to hundreds of adoring fans.
  • If you're interested in competing, please let us know through Facebook or Email!
  • Pepero, a chocolate dipped biscuit that many of us grew up on, has it's own holiday on 11/11!
  • We will have sign up forms set up at the GSU Link starting the week of November 3rd, where you write down the recipient and a small message.
  • They will be hand delivered by E-Board members to your recipient.
That's all for this week! Get excited for next week!


10/7 Newsletter

Hello everyone! We hope that you've had a great and wonderful weekend. Here's a rundown of upcoming events.

  • A series of competitions where Dhoun families compete for the title of "Best Family" and an awesome prize
  • October 26th, official time TBD
  • Location: Amory Playground
Halloween Party!
  • Our unforgettable Halloween Party is coming up soon! Get excited.
  • Keep thinking about the your costumes! Keep it classy, kids!
  • Bigs, your littles must be missing home a lot. Give them some Korean lovin' and make them a home cooked meal!
  • If you don't trust your cooking (or are too lazy to do so), take them to KAJU TOFU HOUSE. It's an award-winning soondooboo restaurant in Allston.
  • Showcase your lovin'! Tag us on Instagram at @bostonuksa or with #dhoun!
Check out our new blog!
That's it for this week folks. Stay tuned!


First Eboard Meeting w/ 2013-14 Freshman Reps

Tonight we had our first meeting with our new freshman reps!

Upperclassmen Potluck

Thanks all for coming to the upperclassmen potluck. There was A LOT of good food. We're planning to have another one second semester so be on the lookout! 🙂

9/22 Newsletter

Hey BU KSA! Boy, have we got some news to tell you. But before that, we want to talk to you about our next event!


Aww yea, upperclassmen, it's time to FEAST!
Mark your calendars for a bonafide culinary extravaganza.
Bring your pots (of food) to the potluck and get lucky (with even more food!) There will also be a baked goods contest, so ladies (and men who like to bake), start your ovens!

For more information, check out the facebook event
If you are planning on entering the baked goods contest PLEASE email us and let us know ASAP !


Please congratulate Chang Huh and Elaine Choe on being the newest members of our E-board! We can't wait to see what they do next.
Freshmen, remember to join the BU KSA Class of 2017 page! Chang and Elaine will use this to post info about upcoming KSA and Freshmen events.
We hope you have a great rest of the week! 

Thanks everyone for coming out. Check your emails. Bigs and little pairings, as well as family pairings have been sent to your inboxes.

Freshman Rep Applications & Election

Join the event page and invite all of your friends:

✔ Are you a freshmen?
✔ Did you sign up with us during SPLASH?
✔ Are you outgoing and friendly?
✔ Did you come out to our First General meeting or Freshmen BBQ?
✔ Are you a boy or a girl?
✔ Do you love KSA?

IF YOU SAID YES TO ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS, sign up to be a BU KSA Freshmen Rep to help our KSA E-Board get even better this year. Jumpstart your freshmen year and be a part all of this year's fun behind-the-scenes action!

✔ the application is due SEPT. 22 @ 11 pm


✔ To be voted Freshmen Rep, there is also an election process! So bring your fellow freshmen out to support your and vote for you on SEPT. 25 @ CAS B12, 7 pm. The more friends and support you bring the better the chance you have of winning!

✔ SO apply for this year's freshmen rep, you won't regret it ﭢ

Freshman BBQ Video & Photos

Thanks for coming out to the Freshman BBQ~

Photos can be found here:

Freshman BBQ~

Freshman, don't forget to come out to the upcoming freshman BBQ!