Welcome back

Apparently I’m a liar and I didn’t end up blogging all summer. To my defense, I have a post sitting in my drafts box of my gmail account, so here it is, pretend I posted this 2 months ago……

Hey prospective BU-ers, just checking in mid summer. I’m interning at the Department of Energy Resources with funding from BU’s PIP program and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great to research and write memo’s that have a relevant purpose beyond grading. It’s an exciting time here at the DOER with a new, innovative, first of it’s kind renewable and clean energy bill just signed into law last week full of opportunities to really stick it to the man. I’ve researched constitutional issues regarding a multi-state CO2 cap and trade program. I just finished a memo advising the department on relevant administrative case law regarding the extent of an agency’s authority to promulgate regulatory thresholds under ambiguous statutes. Last week I helped write contract documents for a feasibility study. I’ve interviewed experts in public health, environmental justice, air monitoring and wind energy.

I’m also in the process of putting on my power suit and attending law firm cocktail receptions to wine and dine and generally charm the socks off of anyone that will listen to me. Really, it’ll be good practice for law firm etiquette, something I have little experience with. And I hear networking is super important, so here goes….
On another note, anyone need any cucumber plants? I think I might quit law school and become a farmer because EVERY seed I planted this summer in my very first ever vegetable garden has sprouted. I have like 36 tomato plants, probably worth their weight in gold on the black market right now…..