Happy Summer!

Dear bloggership, I have started my summer law associateship at the Conservation Law Foundation and will be taking a brief hiatus from regular monthly bloggings as the rigors of my employment and beach bumming schedule leave little free time. ;) Look for me at the Phish concert on June 6 at Greatwoods where I will be stirring up public outrage amongst the hippies in my official capacity as a CLF intern. As the great Professor Ryckman once said, half the battle with law can be working the room. The CLF team will be doing just that, trying to first politically push our goal to clean up the Cape Cod bays… i.e. making the voters angry…. and how could they not get angry, who wants the Cape Cod seashore turned into a septic system where only red tide and sea lettuce can thrive? Anybody? Dirty hippies? No one? Didn’t think so.

If you’re at the show, come say hello.

And if you’re serious or just a little curious about the issues…. http://clf.org/work/CWHF/index.html