Class Action…

As I reflect on the second semester of my second year coming to a close I look forward to my third year with both eagerness and apprehension. Coming off of working at the District Attorney’s Office, this year for the most part was the return to the practical for me. There was very little in the way of legal philosophy. Instead, I was actually counseling clients. I was writing memos, and arguing at side bar. For all intents and purposes I was doing the job of lawyering. I helped one client gain temporary custody of her children (we are still fighting for permanent custody) and I helped another client gain her unemployment benefits after being wrongfully terminated. In addition to my field work, I took classes like pre-trial advocacy and trial advocacy where I was able to simulate situations that I may encounter in practice. As part of these courses I had to take evidence to learn what tools are at my disposal for getting in the proof I need to represent my clients in a competent fashion. I also took alternative dispute resolution to hone my negotiation skills so that I would be prepared for settlement conversations, should the opportunity have presented itself.  I am now at a point where I am not entirely sure that I can fold myself back into the hallowed halls of academia. I have been witness to the power and privilege that representing the least fortunate can bring to my life, and how doing so effectively can bring a sense of joy and justice to the lives of my clients. The challenge I have now, its figuring out a way to not lose momentum as I begin to choose the path my life will go down next year…some how I do not believe that that path will be classroom heavy….

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