Must-Be-Present-to-Win-LogoIt has often been said that one can not underestimate the power of networking. As law students we are consistently urged to take vital time out of our schedules to attend events as often as possible. I confess that I try to do this, but I also confess the working to build one’s network on top of doing class work can begin to feel a little too much like…well….WORK.

That being said, it is undeniable that you can never know what might happen simply by showing up.

Last week after my ridiculous class schedule had me far past any level of exhaustion I had felt previously, I begrudgingly attended the conference for the Council of School Attorneys (COSA).

Now don’t get me wrong, as someone who is interested in Education, I really really REALLY wanted to attend this conference, however I also really really R E A L L Y wanted to go to sleep.

Luckily my desire for success outweighed my desire for rest (do you see what I did there?) and I went.

By simply showing up I was able to schedule an informational interview with a BU Alum and network with the General Counsel of the COSA who also happens to be personal friends with the Chief of the Education Section in the DOJ.

What will come of theses new relationships is anyone’s guess but just having the chance to turn them into something seems worth the sleep I lost (for now).

So in honor of just showing up, I will be attending another education conference this week with guest like Charles Ogletree and other prominent speakers.

It may or may not yield anything….but if my track record of just showing up is any indication…then I very well might.

What have you RSVP’d for lately?

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