Dream Chasers

“Living the dream” is NOT currently and may NOT EVER be the three word phrase used to describe the three rings of hello paradise scholastic enrichment (better?) that law students experience. That said, as a 3L I can honestly say that one of the best parts of law school for me has been watching friends, frienemies and colleagues walk boldly in pursuit of jobs they hate that come with lots of prestige? their dreams.

It is amazing to sit in conversation and close quarters with people who knew from day one what type of life and career they would like to stake out for themselves.  Those who, semester after semester, have adapted their course work, free time, beer conversation, internship applications and overall networking schemes to one singular passionate pursuit.

This level of dedication is amazing to watch unfold as it begins with an idea that slowly, through opportunity after opportunity, morphs into a lifestyle and dance with expertise development.

Just as amazing, however, has been observing those who did not walk into 1L with a pre-defined path but found it throughout their solitary confinement law school experience.

Seeing on display the power of a new concept or idea turning into an enhanced curiosity and then professional development is amazing, and holds very real implications for one of my passions, which is education and enhanced opportunities for low income and minority students.

All of this people-watching has helped me to formulate my own approach to law school. I believe that I was one of the former categories of students. I came in with a distinct interest in education, media, entrepreneurism, and criminal justice.

Throughout my time I have pursued them all in one form or another as I sought out opportunities that would allow me to explore hybrid roles that take my talents and interests into consideration. On this journey I have questioned many times at what level the most appropriate social justice interventions manifest themselves. Is it direct client representation? Policy development and analysis? Social entrepreneurism? I am not yet sure that I have found the answer that I seek, but I have definitely viscerally disliked enjoyed the ride.

No doubt there have been (long, tear-filled, anger-induced bar review nights) ups and downs on this path to self-discovery, but that is one of the unwanted untold characteristics of pursuing dreams: it is difficult, difficult work.

I write this as a toast to my classmates who have dedicated two and half years to this process and who have endured the joys and sorrows along the way. I’m glad to stand with you as a Dream Chaser!


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