Anti-Social Enterprise

 To all my third year law friends, I apologize for my absence of the last couple of months. My antisocial-ness has been directly attributable to my attempt to build a social enterprise. I understand that the idea that I am not being social so that I can engage in social entrepreneurship sounds pompous at worst and disingenuous at best, but I assure you that is the explanation.

What started off as an idea for submission to a business competition has become an all-encompassing venture. One that, to date, has only been successful in its first iteration because of ALL OF YOU.

I sincerely apologize for being a little overzealous with the facebook postings (though for you who know me best, I am sure it was nothing new given my proclivity for posting two dozen articles a day or so).

But just look at what we have achieved since January 7th…We raised $4100 dollars for my non-profit Out the Mouths of Babes, simply through word of mouth and social media sharing.

So, even though I have been out of the school social loop, it actually took a tremendous amount of SOCIALIZING through SOCIAL networks to make the launch of my SOCIAL enterprise successful.

And that is incredible. There were at least 70 people who pledged to help fund the beginning of Out The Mouths of Babes.

I am extremely happy to have had you be a part of the IN CROWD that formed a CROWD to go IN on funding my endeavor through a CROWD funding platform. It was really breathtaking to have you all join me in pushing our campaign on Start Some Good because you believed that I was capable of not only Starting Some Good but DOING SOME GOOD.

I am just really proud, happy and humbled that, however antisocial I may have seemed or been, that so many of you were anti-antisocial and helped me take a step towards attempting to embark on something revolutionary.


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