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The Second Year Itch Part 1

It’s amazing how much a year and half-plus can alter your views. I often think about the things that I said wanted to use my law degree for when I drafted my personal statement for law school. I think about who I was and where I was at that point in my life and attempt […]

Shedding what I am becoming to become what I was but better

The journey through law school has been an interesting one for me (and I would dare say many of my friends). I came in here as an artist who used art to inform his community activism and then used his community activism to inform his desire to go to law school. As I journeyed through […]

Brain Storm

The last week has been insane! Last Friday I had to represent a client at an employment hearing in the morning, I had two telephone interviews for summer positions in the afternoon and I had to meet with my “Hard Work and Dedication” study group for evidence.. In fact, one of my telephone interviews took […]

Speedy Justice/Trial by Fire

Today I walked into a court room representing a client in need. A client I had only met a week ago whose situation required me to be prepared as if I had met her six months ago. At stake was the safety of her children. To put it mildly, having such little time to prepare […]

6 Degrees of Litigation

As a law student who was a community activist prior to law school, I came into law school thinking that litigation was the way solve problems. Through my work in Las Vegas I was able to observe how filings and threats of litigation could shift the power paradigm and allow small community based organizations like […]

Deconverging from Convergence Theory

According to Wikipedia (gotta love the credibility of that phrase) Convergence theory holds that crowd behavior is not a product of the crowd itself, but is carried into the crowd by particular individuals. Thus, crowds amount to a convergence of like-minded individuals. For me law school is a perfect symbol of this. One of the […]

Everything I know about how to survive law school I learned from my dog…

Its that time again. Law school has begun.  The 1Ls are dazed, confused or ridiculously optimistic as the year is just kicking into gear (much like we were). The 2ls are busy, stressed, inspired, jaded, and praying to be a 3L.  The 3Ls are in a word or words to be more accurate OVER IT! […]

Closed Book…from theory to practice part 1

School has been out a little more than a month and though I am working, I still find it hard to handle the shear amount of free time that my new found freedom has given me. It is weird being freshly done with 1L yet not really established as a 2L. It is sort of […]

Letter to a 0L…stay focused on what brought you here

Greetings Admitted Students: I wanted to take the time out to give some anecdotal information and tips that I feel allowed me to maximize my experience as a 1L. The most important thing that I believe you can do, aside from studying hard, is to keep your eyes on the prize, remember your purpose, and […]

Spring (break) Work!

In the second semester of 1L there comes a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to see the forest for the trees, and to remember why you chose to subject yourself to the absurdity nay complexity of the first year of law school, however thankfully BU offers students the opportunity to subject themselves to the […]