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Hi all,

My name is Krystyna Marini and welcome to my BU Law blog! I’m so excited to give prospective students a glimpse into life at BU Law. Through my posts, I hope to shed light both on the day to day life of law students and some of the many great events going on in Boston. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at — I’d love to hear from you!

For my first post, I figured it’d be best let readers know a bit more about myself and how I came to be at BU Law…

I was born and raised in Monroe, Connecticut, a small suburb in Fairfield County. While I loved Connecticut, I wanted a change of scenery for college and decided to attend Providence College in Rhode Island, where I just graduated from this past May. While in Providence, I took many train rides to Boston and quickly fell in love with the city. When it came down to deciding on a law school, I knew I wanted to be in  Boston because the city is small enough to feel at ease, yet big enough to offer its dwellers a wide range of activities to partake in.

As for my decision to attend law school, I always enjoyed reading and writing and felt that I could combine these skills into a career in law. And while I was sure of my desire to be a lawyer, I still don’t know what type of law I want to practice. Right now, I’m leaning toward transactional law and don’t see myself in a court room, but my mind might be sure to change with greater exposure to varied facets of law.

After deciding that I wanted to be in Boston for law school, BU was a clear choice for me. ¬†It’s location right in the city makes will make it very convenient in the coming years for externship opportunities, and even now its position in the city makes it so easy to travel quickly throughout Boston on the T. The fact that it is also part of a huge university also has its perks, as we law students are able to reap the benefits of BUs undergraduate facilities such as the gym and student union. My fellow classmates come from a wonderfully diverse background and my professors make it a point to explain complicated legal concept in a way that we as 1Ls can actually understand. And so, while the law tower itself might not be the most aesthetically pleasing building in Boston, the people inside it make it all the better.

For all these reasons, and for many more which I’m sure to find throughout my 3 years here, I’m so happy with my decision to attend law school in Boston at BU Law. I’m looking forward to updating this blog regularly and hope to provide you all with helpful information throughout your law school application process. Look out for my next post soon!


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