Reviewing the Semester






The first semester of law school has come to an end.  With its ending comes feelings of satisfaction, relief, and happiness.  Yet, there’s one feeling that I believe every 1L appreciates more than the rest.  A feeling that sums up everything that we put into our first semester in a few short words.

It’s the feeling of being done.

Right now everyone is celebrating having made it through these past few months in different ways.  Some are taking the time to decompress after having spent many long days and nights in the library.  Others are spending time with friends and going out to celebrate.  Most of us have taken to the internet almost immediately after our last exam to express our joy over completing this semester.   Me?  I’m taking the time to write about the whole thing to reflect on how I really feel about it.

What an experience it has been for all of us.  We’ve shared so many stories with one another.  Stories of great thing happening in our lives, stories of stressful situations, and of course stories about our wonderfully unique professors.  We all put in long hours and a great deal of effort, so we share in the mutual gratification we get from finishing our final exam.  In a way we have all become part of the same story.

We’ve all come a long way since we first arrived at BU Law.  Each one of us has learned so much, and I feel that we have all grown closer through the journey that we’ve been on together.  Now that we have finished one semester as law students, I think we all have gained a new sense of confidence along with the belief that we can truly be successful in law school.

Now that this semester is done, there is no longer a fear of the unknown.  We’ve experienced the Socratic method, read through hundreds of cases, written outlines as well as memos, and now we’ve taken final exams.  What’s left for all of us is to return home so that we can get the rest and relaxation we need to make our next semester just as successful as the first.  After that we’ll be ready to embark on the journey together once again.

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