A Day in the Life


Most days in law school even if they feel extremely similar are or can be very different depending on your class year, and depending on what activities you have self selected to participate in.

Last year, a day in my life was pretty straight forward, almost all of my time was dedicated to working on issues of relevance to the client(s) I was representing through the school clinic, and compiling research for writing my cert paper (a terribly time consuming venture, but I am proud to say that two days ago I found out that my paper will be published! I’m eternally grateful to Professor Bridges for pushing me to write the best paper possible).

Days in my life as a 3L are much different. This past semester, I took 5 classes, served as the Northeastern Regional Attorney General for the National Black Law Students Association and worked as the Director of Strategic Media and Marketing for an Educational Non-Profit called FuelEd Schools, all while applying for jobs and going on interviews. I also published articles for the Huffington Post (read here), the Well Versed, and Jack and Jill Politics

The amount of busy, you encounter in law school is totally dependent on how involved you choose to be outside of the law school. I admittedly take on far too much. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do is find your comfort zone and not be swayed by what others are doing, regardless of whether or not you feel it is more or less that what you doing.

Because I knew I would be busy I scheduled my classes in a way that would allow me to have four day weekends (sounds much better that it was) mostly to ensure that I got all of my reading done.

This semester my schedule will me much different. I will be doing a semester in practice, so instead  of going to class I will be working full time, Monday through Friday. In addition to my forty hour work week, I will have weekly readings from a reading list and syllabus I had to put together myself, to help inform the work I will be doing. Finally, I will also have to find time to conduct research for the 25 page paper that I have to write. For the most part my schedule will be simple, work 9-5, M-F. I will likely get my weekly readings done while commuting to and from work on the train. Every Friday, I will need to turn in my signed electronic time sheet.

My evenings will mostly be spent, looking for jobs, and reviewing bar registration information.

My free time this semester will be spent continuing the volunteer roles I took on last semester, as well as dedicating a lot my energy to building up the necessary infrastructure for the new non-profit organization I started called Out The Mouths of Babes (more info here).




It will be an intense semester, but as I get closer to graduation I will remember to not that “all is well that ends well.”

With a little luck, I will know where I will be living, so I can file for the bar, and anticipate the final chapter of the legal professions baptism.

Its far from perfect, but what is?

Welcome to my life….


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