January Discoveries

Well it’s been about two and a half weeks that I’ve been back at the law tower. As the month winds down, here are a few great things I discovered about BU Law in January:

1. The Ski Trip

Leading up to the annual BU Law ski trip, we were told that we just had to go. It was a BU Law tradition: get your first set of law school grades on Friday, and then go party at a ski lodge all weekend (drown your sorrows/celebrate success). Still, I was hesitant. What if everyone just mopes about grades all weekend? Why am I trekking almost 5 hours north for a ski trip when I’ve never skied before? I’m happy to report that all of these misgivings disappeared when about fourteen of us sat down to a late dinner Friday night in our cozy cabin at Sugarloaf Mountain. The two days that followed were the perfect escape from Boston- good friends, good food, lots of snow, and only a few bruises. I would definitely recommend the ski trip as a fun way to kick off 1L year, part 2!

2. The BU Gym

So…confession time. I never made it to the gym all first semester. In September and October, I felt like I had no spare time. In November and December I learned what “no spare time” truly felt like.  So, coming back to Boston in January, I resolved to take advantage the relatively calm first month or two and rekindle my long-lost relationship with a treadmill. One trip was all I needed to get hooked. Boston University has a great gym, and I remembered how important exercise is to a healthy mental state. I feel like I did myself a disservice by neglecting exercise last semester, and I’m looking forward to keeping up a gym routine, at least until exam time.

3. The Career Development Office

Beginning in December, and especially once January rolls around, law students begin to think about the summer. Not just because we’ve become rather pale and can’t wait to ditch the books for a day by the ocean, but because we’re clamoring for summer internships. Sending out cover letters, scheduling interviews, and brainstorming a good weakness-but-not-really-a- weakness for the inevitable “what is your greatest weakness?” interview question can be overwhelming. During this process, the CDO is an incredible resource. The office schedules lots of informative programming, opportunities for mock interviews, and walk-in hours for quick questions and last minute advice. But the best part about the CDO is definitely the staff. Not only are the advisors so knowledgeable about everything job related, but they are also some of the friendliest, nicest people in the law tower! Also, I’ll definitely do another post specifically about the summer internship process, so stay tuned!


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