Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Sadly, the New England Patriots won’t be inside the Superdome this year.  With football coming to an end and baseball starting in a few months, what’s a sports fan to do? Thankfully, Boston has plenty of sports teams to go around.

Lately I’ve been catching all of the Celtics and Bruins games whenever they come on television.  Not only are they nice to have on in the background while I’m studying, but when I have the chance to watch them closely they’re also really exciting.  Whether it’s on the football field, the baseball field, the basketball court, or the hockey rink, there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing a team come together to pull out a win.

With Esdaile Moot Court right around the corner for most of us 1Ls, I’m starting to see how teamwork comes into play in law school as well.  We’re to be paired up with another person from our writing classes and graded separately, though we still have to work together to develop our overall case before we give our oral arguments.  I imagine being a basketball player like Kevin Garnett is similar.  Sure, you could judge him based on his performance in a game and his statistics, but his moves and numbers only mean so much until the buzzer sounds and the Celtics win the game.

Collaboration is key.  Any fan of the C’s has seen that this season.  The Celts have had to make up for the loss of Rajon Rondo by spreading the ball around.  Likewise, we as law students will be collaborating with others throughout law school and even more so when we are practicing lawyers.  One of the many good things about attending BU Law has been the supportive community of students and the collaborative culture that has created.

Rask can’t protect the net and move the puck to score a goal for the Bruins.  We’re most successful when we recognize our strengths and weaknesses while surrounding ourselves with those who can complement our skills.  No one can do it alone, so it’s important to start building your team early. That way, you’ll increase your efficiency while also improving the quality of your work and the work of all those you collaborate with.

There’s no need to put the weight of the world on your shoulders.  There are others out there who are willing to work with you, to share the burden, and to move towards constant improvement.  Together, there aren’t many obstacles that we can’t overcome.  Find your teammates and support them as they will support you.  When you do, victory is sure to be in store for everyone involved.

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