The House of Knowledge

Everyone who goes to BU Law knows about the construction that is going on around the law school. Thanks to a very large donation made by Sumner Redstone, what is now a rather vertically-oriented tower is expanding horizontally to include additional classrooms, study space, and much more. Our school is growing, and every time I walk past the construction crews and their machinery I am excited about what the future has in store.

I think it serves as a nice parallel to the process of becoming a lawyer. Learning the law is much like a construction project. It starts with establishing a foundation of knowledge in your first year upon which you can continue to build in your second and third years. Throughout that time, you will probably make some renovations, changing your perspective on certain issues as you learn about legal theories and doctrines.

It will time, lots of work, and plenty of investment, but eventually the day will come where you’ve finished constructing a respectable structure to house everything you’ve learned. ┬áThe process of building it can be difficult and inconvenient at times. Yet, the finished product will be something that will bring you great pride.

As our own law tower has shown, the fact that a building is completed doesn’t mean it can’t continue to grow. Lawyers continue to build their knowledge base each and every day they practice. You’ve got to make room so that you can keep bringing in new ideas about the law. Only then will you be able to meet the demands of the constantly expanding world around you.

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