Not Being A Party Person At BU (Is fine)

This last weekend was BU Law SGA’s annual harbor cruise. I did not go. This post is about fitting in at BU Law if you are not really a party person (it totally works).

A little background: I’m kind of a nerd. I like Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, and anything written by Orson Scott Card, or Anne McCaffrey. I like history and being outdoors. My favorite thing to listen to on the T or on a bus – NPR’s Planet Money or This American Life. I would pick waking up early to go hiking over staying up late and going out to bars and clubs any day. In high school and even in college I felt really out of place because of these tendencies, but recently I’ve been embracing them. This weekend, for example, I did not attend the harbor cruise and I was really happy with my choice. I went to New Hampshire and relaxed by hiking, watching football, and generally hanging out with my boyfriend, our two dogs, and his two roommates. It was wonderful.

Harbor Cruise with Rob last fall? Pretty fun.









Hiking with dogs this year? Way more fun (for me).


Now if you like going out, there are plenty of opportunities for you at BU – there is a weekly “bar review” where you can spend time with BU students and grab a drink. There are annual events by the SGA, including the harbor cruise, a Halloween party, and law prom, at which you can drink with you friends and dance the night away. I’ll admit that can be really fun, but for me it is also exhausting and I rarely feel it was worth it the next day.

As I embrace myself as a “staying in” person, though, I am happy to report that BU Law is a great place for people like me, too. Next Monday I’ll be hosting a potluck dinner with my study group from 1L; a ‘party’ that’s right up my alley. My classmates are usually open to just grab a coffee or a meal, study together, or even go for a bike ride together if our schedules allow. It’s easy for me to look at what I’m doing and feel like I’m not connected enough because I don’t go to the publicized, school and SGA-sponsored events very often. It just isn’t true, though! Chatting in the journal lounge, catching up in the hallway, and planning small-group events are definitely still social; I feel connected to my school and class even without the help of Bar Review, etc.

The bottom line is this: whether you love to go out, or love to stay in, you will find people like you at BU Law and you will have plenty of chances socialize with them in a way that works for you.

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Steven Tate posted on September 30, 2013 at 1:57 pm

This is a great insight with the perfect suggestions. Thank you for sharing this!

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