Fitness Classes… for Free?

I’m fond of the term “Free… with the cost of tuition” to describe the many sometimes-somewhat-hidden perks of being a BUSL law student, from the food provided by SGA and the many student activities groups to the computer chargers on loan in the Pappas library to the subject of today’s blog post: my Friday afternoon yoga class.

Boston University offers a slew of 0.5 to 2 credit classes in everything from dance to aquatics to weight training, predominantly for its undergraduate population but, as luck would have it, totally fair game for grad students. FitRec is conveniently located just a few blocks down Commonwealth Ave from the law tower, so it isn’t impossible to sneak over for pilates or basketball in-between study sessions. It won’t count towards your law school GPA or even show up on your transcript (The registar’s office is so careful about your transcript they won’t even include your concentration [should you have one] on there unless you want them to, they certainly aren’t going to include Beach Body Workout), but it does need to be included in your sixteen credit maximum unless you want to pay extra tuition for it, at which point you may as well pay for one of the non-credit classes offered at FitRec.

So for me this semester that breaks down to six credit of clinic work (three field work, three for the Pre-Trial Advocacy seminar), four credits for Evidence and four credits for Copyright, plus my extra yoga credit for a total of fifteen.  As an auditing grad student my attendance record isn’t problematic, which is good since I’ve already missed three out of four classes so far for everything from SGA meetings to out of town interviews. And again I need to come back to the free-in-the-sense-that-you’ve-already-paid part, because yoga classes can run upwards of $15 each at a regular Boston studio. Although it should be mentioned that should you schedule allow it (mine unfortunately never seems to) there are free yoga classes offered within the tower itself once a week, sponsored by the Dean. So that’s something to look into as well.

I won’t expound on the many benefits of working out (from stress-fighting endorphins to combatting the pound-packing effect of constant Tower pizza lunches) but finding time for it is a subject I can speak on.  A gym buddy can be a great motivator to increase accountability, and I’m certainly a fan of using FitftRec’s wifi to watch Netflix on the treadmill and multitask my cardio with some guilty television indulgences, but having a class scheduled into your routine can be even better.



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