Halloween Tour of the Tower

BUSL has a charming and sugary tradition of “trick or treating,” in the tower, combining all the delight of free candy without the hassle of a costume… or even leaving the law building. In fact, the event’s design encourages visiting offices and departments students might not have otherwise been aware of the whereabouts of, or, in some cases, the existence. Stop in on one or two depending on your day’s travels or, for the intrepid, adventurous and hungry, hike the entire journey. From the ground up:

2nd Floor:  Pappas Law Library. Hopefully we all knew where the library was, but candy is a tried and true tactic for luring oneself to hit the books.

4th Floor:   Dean’s Office | Student Affairs | Finance & Administration | Registrar Want to start a student group, ask about a school policy, get a copy of your transcript or investigate the state of your loans? The fourth floor is the place to do it. 

7th Floor:   First Year Writing Program The origin of all your briefs and memos. Likely your 1L Writing Program instructor is a practicing attorney and doesn’t maintain an office at the school, but its entirely within the realm of possibility that they might ask to meet you here or drop off an assignment. 

10th Floor: Faculty Services The lovely people who help our professors do all that they do. 

12th Floor: Office of Clinical & Advocacy Programs Itching for a taste of practicing law as soon as possible? A clinic might just be for you. Bonus: The Rome Lounge has a gorgeous view of the Charles AND vending machines… not that you need them today with all the chocolate bars and pixie sticks you’ve accumulated of course. 

13th Floor: Admissions | Career Development Office As far as Admissions go, you’re already here so no worries! With regard to the CDO however there’s a whole lot ahead of you, so this is an office well worth checking in with. 

15th Floor: Banking & Financial Law | Graduate and International Programs Curious about options for legal education beyond your JD? Want to meet some awesome law students, practicing attorneys, and sometimes even judges from around the work? This would be the ideal spot.

Congrats! You made it! Now hike up an extra two flights to the 17th floor lounge and enjoy the bounty of your efforts and reflect on your newfound geographical understanding of the school.


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