A World Of Opportunity

It’s a small world. Don’t get me wrong, there are many different countries separated by oceans and mountains, but in the end I think there is more connecting people than keeping them apart. We may come from places with cultures that have rich histories and traditions, yet we can still relate to one another on a personal level. After meeting a good deal of people from BU Law’s LL.M. program, I can say that we all have more in common than any of us may have realized.

The LL.M., or Master of Laws, is an advanced degree that is often granted to those who have already obtained some sort of law degree after completing a program that typically takes one year. Individuals come from all over the world to study at BU Law and to receive an LL.M. from the school. During my first year, there were several LL.M. students in my classes studying alongside those of us pursuing a J.D. As a student here you will no doubt have the opportunity to meet someone that is here for an LL.M., and you’ll be glad that you did.

Hearing the stories that LL.M. students tell about their home countries not only allows you to learn about international legal systems, but gives you some insight into life as a lawyer outside of the United States. LL.M. students also bring their cultural backgrounds to the law student body and with them a greater amount of diversity. We have as much to gain from their experiences abroad as they do by being here and learning about American law. It really is a win-win for everyone.

Over time, the differences between LL.M. students and J.D. students actually bring us closer together. I work as tutor for an LL.M. writing seminar, and I have benefited a great deal by taking on a more global perspective when it comes to the law. In getting to know the international students and sharing my story with them, I’ve found that we can easily relate to each other as individuals. We all love, we all laugh, and we all like to learn.

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