Learning Outside of the Classroom: Judicial Externship Program

BU Law offers a large variety of great courses, but one of my best experiences in law school thus far has taken place outside the classroom.  In the spring semester of my second year, I participated in BU Law’s Judicial Externship program.  I spent the semester as a judicial intern at the First Circuit Court of Appeals.  It was an amazing opportunity to see appellate litigation firsthand, to read a lot of appellate briefs, and to do a significant amount of legal research and writing.  For me, the timing of my externship was ideal because I was in the midst of one of BU’s internal moot court competitions.  Seeing real appellate advocacy is the best way to learn how to succeed in fake appellate advocacy.

BU’s judicial externship program is very robust with placement opportunities with judges at various federal and state court levels.  In fact, many of the judges are BU Law alumni.

The judicial externship program is only one of multiple ways to gain practical experience while at BU Law.  BU Law offers a variety of clinical programs, ranging from criminal to civil.

The most rewarding element of participating in these externship and clinical programs is seeing how your work directly effects actual legal decisions.  Whether you impact the legal matter by advising a judge, or by representing a client in court, engaging in this practical experience will provide you with a new and interesting perspective on a variety of course topics and the law generally.

I would strongly encourage all students, current and prospective, to research these opportunities and take advantage of them.  I know that I’m very thankful that I did!


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