This is what relaxation looks like

I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to breathe. This year was a total whirlwind:

The first week of January, we set a date for our wedding and finished up law school applications.

In February, invitations went out, and offers were weighed.

In March, we finalized plans to move to Boston and celebrated my birthday (surprise!) one last time in Texas.

In April, we found a Boston apartment (via text messages with a thoughtful friend), and I bought and returned three wedding dresses.

In May, we got married in front of our favorite people in the world and went on a quick honeymoon.

Wedding day (courtesy Joe Swift).

Wedding day (courtesy Joe Swift).

In June, I told my boss I’d be leaving soon — and helped find my replacement.

In July, we sold half our belongings and packed up the rest.

In August, we spent two weeks on the road, arrived in Boston, and sped through orientation.

A quick side trip to the Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, AL. (Instagram photo)

A quick side trip to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, AL. (Instagram photo)

In September, classes began, and we got to know our new city whenever we could.

In October, classes kicked it up a notch, and we took a quick trip to Walden Pond.

In November, we studied through Thanksgiving, spending just one day with family in Cape Cod, and I participated in the regional ABA negotiation competition.

In December, we studied harder than I thought possible, took exams, confronted our first snowfall, and drove to New York City and Pennsylvania for Christmas.

Now, with three days left in 2013, we breathe …

(At least until I remember that grades come out in a few weeks, I have a vitally important interview for a summer internship in 12 days, and …)

I thrive on being busy — when I’m not busy panicking — and this year has been one of tremendous growth, thanks in no small part to the incredible experience of becoming a BU Law School student. Despite all the end-of-year stress, I haven’t been happier in a long time. But if 2014 can slow it down a little, I certainly won’t complain.

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