Hitting the Slopes in Maine

The SGA at BU Law does a great job organizing fun outings for the law students.  From chatting with friends at other law schools, I’ve gathered that BU Law’s SGA is exceptionally active.  One of my favorite events is the annual Ski Trip that took place last weekend.  Every year, BU Law arranges for students to rent cabins at Sugarloaf in Maine.  We get discounted lift tickets, rental equipment, and the opportunity to take intro skiing and snowboarding classes.  I, of course, did not need classes because I’m an expert at “shreddin’ that pow.”  Additionally, the school arranges for a bus to take a large group of people to the mountain.  You can also drive (it’s about 4.5 hours).

See, with all the stresses of law school, it’s important to take advantages of the opportunities around you.  A severely subsidized trip to Maine?  Yes, please!  Sadly, the back of the lift ticket quickly became a contracts law exam hypo when we were required to disclaim all liability and agree not to sue Sugarloaf for any injuries sustained.  Is it enforceable?  Is the choice of law provision valid?  I’ll leave that for prospective students to figure out after your first semester.  In the meantime, get psyched for all of the awesome events that BU has to offer!

Me and my girlfriend on Ski Trip!

Me and my girlfriend on Ski Trip!

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