Apartment Hunting!

When I was accepted to BU Law, I was lucky enough to receive a one-year housing subsidy as part of my academic scholarship – but in order to get the money I had to live on the Boston University campus.

I have to admit – the thought of living in university housing didn’t thrill me. But despite my visions (nightmares) of winding up in an undergrad dorm, the subsidy was too good to pass up and I set up an appointment with the BU Office of Rental Property Management.  Though the first two apartments I saw were less than impressive (a basement with tiny high windows followed by a nondescript studio in a building right next to the T tracks that shook when the trains went by), the third one turned out to be the place I’ve lived for about a year and a half.

It is a studio, but it’s big; it’s in a large building with all graduate students, but it’s mostly quiet. The best part is that it takes me about seven minutes to walk to the law tower. No public transportation necessary! The location is really the reason why I stayed here for 2L year; not only is it very close to school, but it’s close to stops on both the C and D lines too – lots of options when coming back out here from downtown.

So now it’s kind of bittersweet that I’ll be moving in a couple months! Though it’s been a great little studio for the first half of law school, my boyfriend is moving up to Boston and we’ll be getting a place together.

We’ve started our apartment search, and I have to say that it’s a bit overwhelming to find an apartment when you’re not constrained to staying on the BU campus! I have been spoiled by such a convenient location and such a short walk to school – pretty much everything we are looking at is further away. And there’s also the consideration of neighborhood: do we want to be in Allston, where our money will probably go a bit further? In Coolidge Corner (my personal favorite)? In Fenway (my boyfriend’s ideal spot)? How far am I willing to walk to school in the middle of winter? How long of a commute to his job downtown is my boyfriend willing to deal with? And that’s not even considering parking, laundry in the building, a kitchen with enough counter space, and other essentials.

But on the other hand, it’s a fun process. I love looking at apartments and exploring different neighborhoods around BU. When I first moved here, my search was constrained but I wound up with a great place. Now, with lots of options to choose from, I’m sure we’ll find something even better!

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