It’s Time for Legal Follies!

BU Law students are known for their sense of humor.  Every year, a group of students dubbed the Legal Follies, put on a comedy performance.  The jokes mostly focus on, you guessed it, law school.  Even the professors get involved!  It’s a great time, and it’s awesome to see the talents of students outside of the classroom.  The show is written, produced, and acted entirely by students.  And there’s more!  A rockin’ student band plays great covers before the show and during intermission.

In addition to the live show, the legal blog Above the Law hosts an annual competition seeking the best law school videos.  BU has historically done well, submitting music video parodies.  Two of my favorites are “I like the law” and “Law So Hard.”

Just goes to show, BU law students are multi-talented!


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